Jon Maunder

Jon Maunder has written 8 articles for Nouse

Humbled Labour not yet defeated

Labour’s disastrous local and European
election results cast more doubts on Blair’s leadership, says Jon Maunder

Out of touch, under pressure

June’s ‘Super Thursday’ elections are a real test for Blair’s government

Bush Backlash

Bush came to Britain anticipating the ‘Baghdad Bounce’ but instead he unleashed a torrent of anger at his destructive policies

York Turns Out

York students descended on the streets of London on Sunday to take part in the national ‘Grants not fees’ demonstration, organised by the National Union of Students (NUS)

Bolivia’s revolution from below

The recent uprising in Bolivia demonstrates another kind of ‘regime change’

Movement Takes to Paris

British delegate at last years European Social Forum Jon Maunder looks ahead to Paris and assesses the rise of a truly global phenomenon

All Roads Lead Through Evian

The G8 protests show the anti-capitalist movement that is alive and well, says Jon Maunder

Socialists Storm Scotland

In the recent Scottish parliament elections, the Scottish Socialist Party made impressive gains. Jon Maunder discusses the reasons for their success