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The College Cup: Tournament Review

Turmoil in Iran, the economy in the doldrums, the retirement of Tugay: in many ways this term has been a torrid interlude in the usually blissful reverie that is life in the 21st Century. But, as the tempestuous waves of world events crash all around us, the College Cup has kept everyone entertained

Vanbrugh scrape through after Prince double sinks Derwent

An Ali Prince brace was enough to book Vanbrugh Firsts a place in the quarter-finals after they edged their must-win game against Derwent Firsts 2-1 yesterday

Football firsts hit four in easy win

If Lancaster Sport were a dog, in this game York picked up its feeble carcass, rolled it up in some old carpet, read a brief memoriam and threw it into a quarry. After last year’s defeat, revenge had been a long time coming. A year in fact. When it came, it was served up in the best way possible: ice cold

Triple squash whitewash

In 1939, Maurice Gamelin, the French World War Two general, said the French forces would “dismiss Germany like a man hitting a lame rabbit with a spade”. Ever since, no-one has really topped Gamelin’s chronic lack of prescience. Until, that is, the men’s firsts squash match, at which Lancaster’s captain Daglish proclaimed that he was “60% confident of victory”

Late pressure not enough for men’s hockey firsts

In a rare blemish, on an otherwise hugely successful Saturday, York hockey firsts were defeated by Lancaster

Rout for York in 5-0 men’s squash win

The enigmatic John Halstead was at the Sports Centre to witness a thundering 5-0 victory for York’s men in the squash firsts on Friday

Hornets buzzing over first competition

Popularised by the film ‘Bring it On’, again by ‘Bring it on Again’ and then again by three further ‘Bring it On’ based sequels, cheerleading, once the sole preserve of Americans, has crossed the pond. Throughout the country, cheerleading squads have mobilised like secret militias

Fiery basketballers snuffed out in second overtime

York mounted three hefty comebacks in this game and, like any great team, didn’t seem to know when they were beaten, except when the actually were, which was at the end of the second period of over time

Men squash Newcastle and ease to win

York firsts beat Newcastle 3-0 in the men’s squash last Wednesday in a comfortable victory

Futsal to Fly the Flag for York at National BUCS Championships

By flinging himself off a Cretan mountain all those years ago, Icarus tried to escape exile from Greece; to strive beyond mediocrity, to achieve what men thought impossible. York’s Futsal team did a similar thing last Sunday

College Notebook: Wentworth Resurgent

For years the whipping boys of college sport, Wentworth’s ambitious reps have had enough, as reporter John Halstead discovered…

Struggling hockey seconds beaten by Hallam

York’s hockey second string may not be dead, but they certainly are slightly less alive after coming a cropper on the horrific and watery path of defeat to fellow strugglers Sheffield Hallam thirds