Johannes Huber

Deputy Sport Editor (2014/15)

Johannes has written 19 articles for Nouse

Club Profiles: Climbing (Mountaineering)

How to get involved with Climbing at the University of York

Club Profiles: Basketball

How to get involved with Basketball at the University of York

Thinkers’ Corner – How To Change YUSU

Johannes Huber tackles the issue of change within YUSU

Cologne attacks: Merkel stays strong with refugees

The tensions following the sex attacks in Cologne may shake Merkel’s government itself. They undermine Europe’s most influential centrist government, to the detriment of the continent

John Bercow- the Jester Who Spoke the Truth

In this case, Britain’s conscience is a rather short man, who in a room where all remained compliant alone dared to critique the world’s second most powerful man

Vanbrugh seal late Langwith victory

On College Hockey opening day, Vanbrugh secure a dominant defeat of Langwith

Your York Sport Union

The Nouse Sport Team introduce the key decision-makers in sport at the University, from the York Sport Committee to individual club roles

An Inconvenient Truth

The hidden horror of the irrefutable link between American Football and CTE

Lacrosse leap into action

There was pre-season success for the Lacrosse women’s Firsts, who beat Queen Margaret’s 13-5 on 22 Acres

Club Profiles: Wing Chun

How to get involved with Wing Chun at the University of York

Telltale announces Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4

The next instalment in the series is set to be released next week

Officers remain as Motions of Censure rejected

The YUSU Women’s Officer and LGBTQ Officer remain in their positions following failed Motions of Censure