Johan Carlin

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Everything you think you know about tomato soup is a lie!

Tomato soup does not come from a tin. In fact, what Heinz and others pass for tomato soup is something sickly sweet, loaded with additives, and very unlike the real thing

Carlin’s cooking

This may sound strange coming from someone with a regular cooking column, but I personally don’t believe in blind obedience when it comes to recipes

Johan Carlin presents: The Ultimate Pizza

There is a fair bit of effort involved, but the end result will be miles beyond anything the local takeaways can manage, and at a fraction of the cost

Kidney Bean Curry with Butter-Fried Mushrooms

This vegetarian curry has tons of taste without being too spicy

Haddock and leek risotto

Risottos are a useful way of using up spare vegetables whilst at the same time feeding a family of housemates who are all craving winter comfort food. It is also fairly cheap, since you can get by with a few store cupboard essentials- rice, stock, herbs, even cheese

Winter Warmers: Soup

Before coming to York I had been warned by Brits that it would be quite cold. Naturally, coming from Sweden, I scoffed at such warnings and decided not to pack a duvet, since I figured it wouldn’t be cold enough for me to need one anyway. Needless to say, on my second day here, I bought the thickest duvet I could find, as well as gloves and a proper pullover – things I had also neglected to bring.

In this edition I am going to bring out the heavy artillery when it comes to dealing with cold weather: soup. Let’s start out with some croutons, though

All in good taste

Cooking is the ultimate way to reconnect with reality after spending your day wrestling with abstract concepts in the library. Shut off your brain, work with your hands and forget all about deadlines for a while