Joe Williams

Deputy Comment Editor (2010/11)

Joe has written 7 articles for Nouse

Leave the Kids out of Teaching Appointments

Maggie Atkison, the Childrens’ Commissioner for England, has recently bought up the provocative suggestion that children should be involved in the appointment of their teachers. But is leaving it up to the students a good idea? And where do we draw the line with letting kids rule the roost?

Unity between YUSU and the NUS remains vital to students

The NUS is still an important outlet for York students to express their views even if it is not always successful

Incentives will encourage prospective students to York

Raising tuition fees and reimbursing students with free text books, laptops and sport should not be shunned as an unreasonable idea

MP intends to tackle wrong issue

MP Simon Hughes has found himself receiving mixed reviews from political observers by suggesting that the intake of privately educated children into the university system should be reduced

York Chancellor calls for local TV in the city

Greg Dyke, Chancellor of the University of York, has suggested that York would be the ideal city in which to set up a local television channel

Celebrity influence makes a farce of politics

Does the pandering of politics to popular culture serve to increase public interest, or merely make a mockery of the system?

Rehabilitation necessary for all sex offenders

So a student has pleaded guilty to 17 charges of making and having in his possession videos of child pornography. What a shining example of the things that undergraduates at the University of York can achieve. He will face trial in December and is likely to spend longer than a year in jail