Joe Silke

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Deputy Politics Editor (2016/17)

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Government loses vote on Brexit amendment

MPs have supported a “meaningful vote” on the Brexit deal

Left Wing, Right Wing: Thoughts from the Politics Editor

Australians have voted overwhelmingly in an advisory survey to legalise same-sex marriage across the country. An eight-week postal vote was…

Tax havens are not the devil and here’s why

The Paradise Papers do not display immorality in itself; instead they highlight the national need for major tax reform

Australia votes in favour of same-sex marriage

Australian voters have supported the introduction of same-sex marriage in an advisory referendum on the issue with 61.6 per cent voting…

Left Wing; Right Wing: Thoughts from the Politics Editor

100 years ago this Thursday on 2 November 1917 the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour signed a letter on behalf…

Government to tackle ‘safe space’ culture in higher education

The Department for Education has said that universities must commit to free speech

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Memes, fees and abortion

From his maiden speech in the House of Commons in 2010, it was clear that Jacob Rees-Mogg was a man to…

2017 election: the rundown

THE PRIME MINISTER called this snap election to strengthen her majority, but now finds herself without a majority at all…

A behind-the-scenes take on Question Time, York

Defence and security will play an important role in the Tory endgame

ELECTION 2017: Brexit – the new dividing line

THE SHADOW OF the exit negotiations from the European Union looms over this fateful election. The Prime Minister has sought…

ELECTION 2017: Foreign Policy – a new global stage

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson [Image: Flickr]  UPON TAKING office, Theresa May signaled a break from the foreign policy agenda which…

Bye-election blues for Jeremy’s Labour Party

BY-ELECTIONS ARE typically fertile ground for electoral progress by the opposition and other smaller parties. The government is typically faced…