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A lesson in Cantornomics: where’s our slice of the pie?

The news that University Vice-Chancellor Brian Cantor’s salary increased by an inflation-busting 8% last year will no doubt be greeted with derision by many students. This is with some justification

Fresh thinking or a stale alternative?

The possibility of a major international chain gracing our humble Market Square is a much-needed boost for an increasingly dreary part of campus. This commercial zone was once a major selling point of a university complex that is otherwise isolated from the amenities of the city centre, in stark contrast to York’s many metropolitan rivals

YUSU to lobby for 24 hour library facilities

A motion proposed by YUSU Academic and Welfare Officer Charlie Leyland was passed by YUSU council last week, mandating Leyland and YUSU President Tom Scott to lobby the University for 24-hour library opening hours during term-time, including week 0, and to extend vacation opening to 8:30am-2am

Meaningless reports do little to help students

Amidst the dizzying array of numbers and dubious references to so-called ‘cost-effectiveness’ in the recent student living report lay an important message – apparently

Positive NSS feedback forced from students

Students have been coerced into putting falsely positive responses to the National Student Survey

No surprises and no excuses: plagiarism at this university

The revelation that a disproportionate number of international students involved in academic tribunals should not come as any real surprise

Bridge set to be demolished this weekend

The anticipated removal of the Langwith-Alcuin bridge is to take place this Easter weekend, it has been revealed, in line with the plans to remove unsafe bridges across campus

Afshar sympathises with Archbishop on Sharia law

Baroness Professor Haleh Afshar sympathises with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s comments on Sharia law in the UK last week, saying: “he feels that he is saying nothing controversial.”

The monopoly of the Ftr bus service is set to stay if we do not act

First’s decision to increase fares for buses across the city of York earlier this month received little press or public attention. It was an inevitable and unspectacular reaction to an inflation like any other

Picture perfect?

Our University brochures tell a false story