Jodie Sheehan

Jodie Sheehan has written 10 articles for Nouse

YUSU Comedy Night Review

Jodie Sheehan attends the annual YUSU Comedy Night to review comedians with the likes of Lee Nelson, finding the night to provide excellent entertainment

A Shoot with a Lute

Jodie Sheehan interviews film-maker and York graduate, Laura Stratford, about her new film, ‘Lady Lovely Lute’

While we sunbathe, our climate cries for help

Summer temperatures in the UK may be good for the beach, but it shows our planet is in dire straits

Freshers’ Week is about finding your feet

Beginning university life can be very daunting, but Jodie Sheehan thinks it is the start of an amazing time of your life

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Are you proud to be British?

YES- Joseph Silke Britain can get a bad rap, particularly from the British. Self-deprecation is an ingrained part of our…

Britz and glamour

Jodie Sheehan uncovers what’s behind the dazzling scenes and big personalities of the BRIT Awards

The ‘Light’ before Christmas

Ahead of the Christmas Light Switch On this Thursday, Jodie Sheehan muses: what is it exactly that makes York so quintessentially Christmassy?

There’s more to Peru than Machu Picchu

Back in October I made an arguably somewhat rash decision to raise £2400 for the charity Action Against Hunger and…

Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Comedy in the Dark

Jodie Sheehan finds that darkness can shine a whole new light on comedy

Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Meet Me at Dawn

This fresh yet timeless play leave Jodie Sheehan with plenty of food for thought