Jo Shelley

Jo has written 11 articles for Nouse

‘Tell us about the Eskimos’

Ross Noble has just been voted one of the Greatest Comedy Stand-ups of all time. Jo Shelley catches up with him on his Nobleism tour for a bit of Geordie banter

Woodstock ‘07: best yet

This year’s Woodstock is set to be the biggest yet. Jo Shelley previews one music festival you won’t need your…

Noused and abused? Your views

You’ve heard from Nouse’s writers. But what about the other 10,000 of you??We sent our intrepid Features Editor to find out what campus had to say about our efforts this year.

From what my spies – sorry, sources – have been telling me, Nouse has built up something of a reputation for itself on campus. Apparently, I’m told, as well as having opinions about the stories inscribed on the pages of this ‘ere university rag, our readers also make judgements about those of us that wield the pen

Here’s looking at you, kid

Single parents at university often find it a struggle to balance their babies with their books. Jo Shelley meets the women in York who are juggling two full-time jobs

Revisiting Iraq: my story of life on the front line

For one York student and former U.S. military officer, the scenes of conflict on our TV screens were once a reality. He talks to Joanna Shelley about his experiences

Student watch: the dangers of the war on extremism

According to a leaked report, lecturers will be asked to watch out for signs of extremism in their students. Jo Shelley discovers what this possibility could mean for our campus.

Tube stations, mosques and now universities: according to the Guardian, the campus is the government’s new focus in its fight against ‘extremism’. In a report published a week last Monday, the newspaper claimed to have obtained a document from the Department of Education and Skills warning of the potential spread of radical Islam amongst undergraduates

The best days of your life?

Freshers’ Fortnight isn’t all drinking games and deep conversations with new-found soulmates. Jo Shelley looks at problems faced by freshers and where to find help.

Tons of information is being thrown at new blood on campus this week. The University has delivered its rulebook (shelved), YUSU has plastered the kitchens with posters (ignored) and the local pizza delivery service has stuffed your letterbox with flyers (which, as of 2 a.m. this morning, proved the most useful of the lot)

Making their mark: the York invasion of the Fringe (1)

Jo Shelley outlines the best of the rest of the plays making the trip from York to Edinburgh This summer…

Making their mark: the York invasion of the Fringe (2)

Jo Shelley talks to Will Bowry and Nick Payne about taking their new play on paedophilia to Edinburgh Few taboos…

Police arrest student for swimming in Ouse

A York student was arrested in the early hours of Thursday the 20th of April after he was found in a drunken state in the river Ouse.

The student, who cannot be named for welfare reasons, had to be pulled from the river by the Emergency Services following an alcohol-fuelled night in town with friends. He was given a health check and spent the night in police custody, but was let off with a fifty-pound fixed penalty notice for being drunk in a public highway

York to have 200ft observation wheel

The City Council have given the go-ahead to plans for yet another tourist attraction in York – a giant, London Eye-style observation wheel.

The attraction will soar 60 metres above the city and offer a 20-mile panoramic view, taking in the city’s historical centre, as well as the Minster and the river Ouse. It will have 42 viewing capsules, each with a capacity of eight people