Jessica Levy

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Jowell row unresolved

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Tessa Jowell, remains in office despite weeks of accusations about her knowledge of suspect financial dealings on the part of her now estranged husband

Bush camp shaken

Jessica Levy unravels George Bush’s domestic melt-down

One year on from securing a much coveted second term in office, President George W. Bush is not having a good month. A poll printed on the eve of the first anniversary of his election victory showed a majority of Americans judge Mr. Bush’s presidency to be a failure

John Grogan scrapes by in Selby

Labour MP John Grogan was narrowly returned to Parliament for the University of York’s Selby constituency last week after a gruelling nine hour count. His win brought pledges to continue his connection with the University, placing particular emphasis on a wish to tackle the issue of student safety

A new term for Kelly

Jessica Levy discusses the new Education Secretary’s swift rise to the Cabinet and her plans to focus policy on rights and responsibilities

Ruth Kelly, the new Secretary of State for Education and Skills, has kick-started her job with a zero-tolerance drive against disruptive pupils. A mother of four, Ms. Kelly told educationists at the annual North of England conference, in Manchester, that parents had the right to a “top quality education” for their children

UKIP revel in voter backlash

The anti-Europe protest votes generated by UK Independence Party’s celebriy backers will not translate into general election success. But their message still must be countered, explains Jessica Levy

A thorn in Blair’s side

Clare Short’s revelations have damaged Blair but are unsurprising, argues Jessica Levy

Kerry on the Warpath

Jessica Levy Success for John Kerry in the Democratic primaries is proving a big threat to Bush’s candidacy in the upcoming elections

A threat to civil liberties

The Civil Contingencies Bill will allow ministers to by-pass Parliament

Shaky foundations

Labour’s plans for foundation hospitals have been criticised by all sides

Back at the brink

Once again the Northern Ireland peace process has hit an impasse in a week of drama. There may be more problems ahead