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Academics: throw down the text-book and hear this call to arms

Students and academics must work together to rid the University of its new ethical investment problem

This latest Government mistake may cost them dear next election

The news that York will be prevented from taking on new British students at more than current levels is disheartening after a few good months for the University’s profile

No child left behind: let’s ensure nursery care for all

As a twenty year-old undergraduate, I have few real responsibilities. Life is blissfully free of concerns beyond my degree and my attempts at holding back the tide of squalor that is always threatening to actually engulf my house

Do as they say, not as they do

The University’s continued investment in the arms trade tells us more than we might think at first glance

It’s time to put power politics aside

When Anne-Marie Canning took up the YUSU Presidency last year, she spoke emphatically about her desire to improve relations between the Students’ Union and the University

Student’s film wins four African Oscars

A University of York student has won a prestigious award for his role in a film about cocaine smuggling in Ghana

Not just emotive rhetoric: a sign of progressive society

The Embryology Bill protects the needs of women and the progress of science

Video made the political star

Jennifer O’Mahony looks at the students who have harnessed the potential of YouTube as a means of campaigning

Jennifer O’Mahony interviews Sir Crispin Tickell

Jennifer O’Mahony interviews Sir Crispin Tickell on the night of the 2008 Kennedy Lecture

Sir Crispin Tickell on the chances of human survival

Sir Crispin Tickell, the environmentalist and academic, visited the University to deliver the 2008 Kennedy Lecture, hosted by the New Generation Society, on the subject of “Challenges to the Human Future: Prospects and Hazards”. Jenny O’Mahony interviewed him

Oblivious of our rights and sleepwalking into property contracts

How can we expect landlords to treat us like decent human beings when we act like half-evolved primates?

The Rotters’ Club

Coe’s tendency towards sentimentality and cliché mar the well-developed sense of humour for which he is well known