Jay Dyer

Science Editor
Photo Editor
Deputy Science Editor (2016/17)
Deputy Photo Editor (2016/17)

Jay has written 6 articles for Nouse

Two thousand march through York for People’s Vote

The York People’s Vote march took place on 10 November, following the national march that occurred on the 20 October…

Climate change is producing deadlier disasters

A look at how hurricanes, wildfires and floods are affected by climate change

Students criticise disability services changes

In June 2018, Open Door and Disability wrote to all students to tell them that from September the University will…

Poaching is driving vulnerable species to the brink

The challenges elephants and rhinos face in Africa

Game over: are we on the path to extinction?

How the future of technology could spell disaster for the human race

China’s Quantum Satellite- the end of communications hacking?

In recent years, China has experienced many major technological advances in the field of space science. The most recent of…