Jasmine Onstad

Deputy Film & TV Editor (2017/18)

Jasmine has written 17 articles for Nouse

Review: BlacKkKlansman

Jasmine Onstad is won over by Spike Lee’s latest film about an African-American police officer infiltrating the KKK

Retro Review: Maurice

Before Call Me By Your Name, James Ivory directed this landmark piece of LGBTQ cinema during the 80s

Muse’s Small Screen Summer

The Muse team guide you through the essential viewing over the summer break, including the excesses of reality TV, the high emotion of a sporting centrepiece, and the tight grip of a good drama

Muse’s cinematic exam survival guide*

*Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee your survival and take no responsibility for your marks, or lack thereof

Seeing eye to Queer Eye: More than a makeover

Jasmine Onstad dives into Netflix’s latest bingeable delight, finding plenty of social commentary along the way

Review: Black Panther

Jasmine Onstad is full of praise for the MCU’s latest offering, and stresses its importance for POC representation in the cinema

The Oscars 2018: As it happened

The Muse team foolishly decide to stay up late to live tweet the Oscars

Review: The Shape of Water

Jasmine Onstad offers glowing praise for Guillermo Del Toro’s latest

Muse predicts the ninetieth Academy Awards

The Muse team give their verdict on who will win at this year’s awards, and who the Academy has ignored

Oscar Shorts 2018: Lost Face

Sean Meehan’s impressive and heartfelt short could work as a full feature, writes Jasmine Onstad

Thank you for the music

Jasmine Onstad explores Big Little Lies and the power of the soundtrack

Top 10 Films of 2017

The Nouse team pick their favourites from a year full of excellent films