Jasmin Hayward

Managing Director (2016/17)
Features Editor (2014/15)

Jasmin has written 15 articles for Nouse

Lost in adaptation

Jaz Hayward considers whether we should regret the adaptation of classic children’s literature beyond the book

The Summer Ball

Be swept away by sleek and stylish evening gowns for all special occasions

Review: Narrative

Narrative is a charming play which brings ‘something a little bit different’. Jasmin Hayward Reviews

New York’s not so new fashion

Jaz Hayward explores the workings of the fashion world across the pond

Edinburgh Fringe 2015: Editors’ Picks

Muse section Editors give you their best picks for this year’s Fringe

Bring on the bear

Following the death of her father from lymphoma, Imogen Nuttall started the Big Bear Foundation while still in school. Currently studying Education, she continues the fight for awareness

Review: POSH

Jasmin Hayward reviews Dramasoc’s performance of the riotous POSH

Ask the Editors: Marcus Lyon’s ‘mankind on the move’

Photographer Marcus Lyon presents his vision of a claustropobic future. Jaz Hayward and Lara Swan discuss ‘Exodus: migrations, megacities and mankind on the move’

Review: Beyond Clueless

A new film about the world of teenage cinema suffers from the same identity crises as its high-schooler heroes, says Jasmin Hayward

Illustrating Inspiration

Carol Rossetti speaks to Jasmin Hayward about the powerful messages that lie behind her series of illustrations, and her refreshing approach towards feminism

On the Frontline of social work

Josh MacAlister, CEO of the social work grad scheme Frontline, tells Jasmin Hayward what makes a good social worker

The art of the illusionist

Britain’s Got Talent llusionist James More chats to Jasmin Hayward about playing with fire