Janis Hopkins

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GTA backlash is boring now

Video games tapped into a need for vicariously blowing things up usually only fulfilled by inept scientists and drone controllers. It’s hard to know what people did to dissipate their explosive urges before GTA but the consistently falling murder rate would suggest it was actually killing people, and that’s science

The positive side to private accommodation

While the intimate bonding that an extravagantly be-pubed bog engenders is something to treasure, it’s not the be all and end all of fresher interaction

Fox hunting closer to home

Hunting is ostensibly a form of pest control, albeit one done with rather more pomp and ceremony than the placing of a mousetrap, and so it’s not unfair to consider it in terms of cruelty and efficacy compared with alternative methods

Praying away the burden of proof

Streeter and his associates are creating an absurdity. It’s the equivalent of me claiming that a higher power forced me into robbing a bank, and then insisting that unless the police could prove that Thor hadn’t made me do it, that I should be allowed to walk free, until they solved this whole “religion” business once and for all

Infanticide: the difference between academia and actuality

The media is a strange beast. After two professors of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne re-hashed an old Peter…