Jan de Boer

Comment Editor
Deputy Comment Editor (2016/17)

Jan has written 19 articles for Nouse

Freshers need more from their Union

First year Jan de Boer highlights why more and more freshers are disengaged with YUSU

Berkeley Riots put the violence back into US politics

Rioting in response to Milo Yiannopoulos and the right wing is foolish, despicable, and totally inneffective

Fake news is the new norm in a post-truth world

In a post-truth world, Jan de Boer asks why “Fake News” is now prominently on the agenda

EDITOR’S OPINION: Always look on the bright side

Maybe 2016 wasn’t that bad after all

A campaign of character assassination is how Hillary lost the election

How did Hillary lose the election that was in her grasp?
Jan de Boer explains the problems with the Clinton Campaign

BBC under pressure from both sides of Parliament

The BBC has been accused of bias by both sides of Parliament over the past few years
Jan de Boer explains why we should rally behind the Corporation

Boris Johnson: 21st century realpolitik

Can the Brexiteer justify writing a pro EU article days before his endorsement of leave?
Jan de Boer asks what this tells us about the man