Jan de Boer

Comment Editor
Deputy Comment Editor (2016/17)

Jan has written 25 articles for Nouse

Top tips for finding the cheapest flights

Jan De Boer provides key advice on how to find and book the most affordable and efficient flights as a student

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Jan de Boer wonders why current video games lack the challenge needed for real fun

Is there any merit in pre-ordering?

Jan de Boer explains why pre-orders are great, but only for games that rely on them

Vision’s death is not cause for celebration

The fall of the paper does not reflect its history as a student journalist’s Fleet Street

Managing your finances at university

Six students give you their tips for managing money on a student budget

We need to save our internet

The EU’s Article 13 is a dangerous threat to our liberties on the web

Palestine vigil held on Greg’s Place

A vigil to commemorate the killing of 60 Palestinian protesters by Israeli forces on Monday has taken place on campus.…

Too many people are giving in to conspiracy

The world of lily-livered lizards and sentient cyborg government is starting to become mainstream

EDITOR’S OPINION: We can’t skimp on innovation

“Splendid Job, what’s the scale” Oh erm one to one” I think I can speak for many people when I…

Student media rivalry on campus is a necessary evil

In order for Nouse to evolve and improve, we need our rivals back in print

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should the UK change its electoral system to proportional representation?

YES – Oscar Bentley Proportional representation is an electoral system where seats in Parliament are allocated proportionally to votes cast,…

EDITOR’S OPINION: We are all students of the world

EU fees allow more skills to come to this country, and gives us life-changing opportunity