James Tweddle

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The Hangover Part II

The Hangover: Part II is very similar to its predecessor. It starts half-way through the story with the same “we messed up” phone call before skipping to One Week Earlier

Priest 3D

Priest 3D is a disappointment of a film, attempting to recreate the atmospheric horror of Underworld, but managing only to conjure images of a grittier Twilight

Fast and Furious 5 (Fast Five)

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker return as the dynamic duo, with brain, brawn and pretty boy looks

How Do You Know

Romantic comedies have inevitably become something of a staple in modern cinema


Halfway through its opening scene, as a blue alien baby is placed in a capsule ship to escape a dying planet, many people watching Megamind might think ‘hang on… isn’t this the plot of Superman?’

Saw 3D

Rarely is a sequel better than the original film – but a sixth sequel? Well, let’s just say it would have to be superb, and Saw 3D (chronologically, Saw VII) is anything but

Dinner for Schmucks

Remakes have a difficult time in the modern world of film, since they usually try and re-imagine a concept which is jealously guarded by the viewer, and they require walking a very fine tightrope to satisfy both the purists and the newcomers