James Thompson

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Guy Fawkes Inn

I arrived at the inn on a Sunday afternoon, having consumed nothing but a cup of coffee since the night before. Naturally I was looking forward to a roast, but much to my dismay they had stopped serving food

Homemade Beef Burger

500g lean beef mince 1 onion Worcester sauce Our Highland Cowboy explains why you should never buy a burger again……

The Black Swan

This is a friendly pub. Too friendly. Worryingly friendly. When you walk into the bar, complete strangers will nod and smile in welcome

The Lowther

Location: 8 Cumberland Street
Rating: * * *
We have settled on a pair of sofas in the back of the bar. The flood-waters were blocking the front door when we arrived

The Maltings

Address: Lendal bridge Average food price: £5 You wouldn’t want to mess with the staff at The Maltings. As I…