James Metcalf

James has written 6 articles for Nouse

Best Book

JK Rowling’s, A Casual Vacancy

The Comedians

With plot twists a-plenty, an unforeseen dénouement, and a style of theatre entirely new to York, ‘The Comedians’ is a definite one to watch says James Metcalf

Best Book: Merivel, A Man Of His Time by Rose Tremain

As always with Tremain, her new book is masterfully written. Merivel is a triumph, says James Metcalf

Book Review: Looking for Transwonderland

Noo Saro Wiwa takes a trip back to her homeland of Nigeria after many years of separation

Book Review: ‘A Trick I Learned From Dead Men’

‘A Trick I Learned From Dead Men’ by Kitty Aldridge, is reviewed by James Metcalf

Best Book

Although many have set this book aside as one of Irving’s worst, its merits are clear when the last page is turned