James Harrison

James has written 7 articles for Nouse

Winds of Change in Tornado Valley

Tornadoes still have great power to wreak havoc, but new research reveals we may be getting them under control. James Harrison investigates

Game over for the game industry?

James Harrison considers what the struggle of video game retailers suggests about a rapidly-changing industry

Is York losing its retail identity?

What happened to York’s once-thriving small business sector? James Harrison investigates

Festive returns are a mixed bag for retail

Retail results: who faces festive cheer and who faces serious concerns? James Harrison investigates

Confectionery’s Secret Con

Do stealth price rises amount to an unreported Christmas con? James Harrison investigates

What happened to Blockbuster?

Does the end of Blockbuster mark the end of something more?

Court discrimination or leaders escaping justice?

Accusations of discrimination have been thrown at the International Criminal Court in recent days due to its focus on investigating African cases, which is seen by many as unfair