James Harle

James has written 15 articles for Nouse

Thoroughly Modern Millican

Sarah puts on, not for the first time, a very well written and skilfully performed show

Derek Acorah: The Art of Unlocking the Mind

Derek Acorah contact the spirits of the dead and is one of the leading names in British mediumship

Anti-piracy law a danger for freedom to share

A number of notable websites, including Wikipedia, recently conducted an ‘internet blackout’ protest in order to raise awareness of two bills moving through the US congress: PIPA and SOPA. The short-term defeat of SOPA and PIPA has been met with jubilation amongst the sites that participated in the demonstrations – the most notable of which was Wikipedia ‘blacking out’ for a day. It seems internet-based opposition has been strong enough to overturn the propositions – for now

Suggs: My Life Story

An autobiography on-stage which is as full of madness as it is Madness

The Trial

The performance erred too much on the side of the grotesque rather than the uncanny, but it is an interesting and highly watchable piece


There’s nothing to unseat what develops into a highly competent, thought-provoking and watchable interpretation of Berkoff’s Kafka

Chris Addison

Chris Addison’s comedy to be as hit-and-miss as his persona was inconsistent

Beyond the Barricade

Why pay a bomb for west-end tickets when you can see all the best songs in one evening?

Selling the climate change agenda

The BBC was recently the subject of controversy, after their decision to omit the climate change episode of David Attenborough’s latest series ‘Frozen Planet’ from the international release

Al Murray: An Interview

Pint-pulling comedian Al Murray talks to James Harle about getting political, the importance of history, and the joys of being a student

Facebook threatens anonymity

This week, Joanne Fraill, the juror accused of contempt of court based on a Facebook conversation, admitted to the charge

Time to change our poisonous consumption habits

The recent outbreak of E Coli has highlighted the unethical and unhealthy food production we continue to endorse