James Hare

Features Editor (2018)
Comment Editor (2018)
Travel Editor (2017)
Deputy Comment Editor (2016/17)

James has written 14 articles for Nouse

A Love Letter To Yorkshire

James Hare provides a ‘Yorkshireman’s guide to Yorkshire’, detailing the highlights of the region’s culture

You Nouse, you lose? My time as a student journalist

Student media may be tiring but it also provides many skills for life

No luck, just data: predicting the NFL draft

Predicting the potential of the players in this year’s dramatic NFL draft is not down to coincidence

Q&A: Al Greaves

Al Greaves, pictured in one of his two sheds, discusses the life of a stand-up comedian and his Burning Duck Comedy Club

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Was Theresa May justified in ordering strikes on Syria?

YES- James Hare Let me preface this article by saying that I am no particular fan of Theresa May. Regular…

Hare to Help – May 2018

Who thought this was a good idea? Not James Hare

The Oscars 2018: As it happened

The Muse team foolishly decide to stay up late to live tweet the Oscars

EDITOR’S OPINION: Hitting the Bullseye

  I was scrolling through Twitter when I stumbled upon a trip down memory lane. Bullseye, a favourite of mine…

There’s a lot Riding on Yorkshire devolution

One Yorkshire must mean One Yorkshire: time to bring our historic territory back under the White Rose once again

Warsaw: Where East Meets West

James Hare explains why the Polish capital is fast becoming a favourite for travellers

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should the UK abolish tuition fees

  YES- Jacob Phillips I remember distinctly the moment that tuition fees were raised to nine grand in 2012. Not…

Bittersweet Merkel victory amid far-right surge

On Sunday 24 September, the people of Germany went to the polls in typically efficient fashion to elect members to the…