James Hall

Travel Editor (2016/17)
Deputy News Editor (2015/16)

James has written 36 articles for Nouse

Stonegate Tarmac to be replaced by June

The repairs to Stonegate costing £30,000 – £50,000 are part of a £1 million project

Adam Bennett agency leaves campus

Adam Bennett agency leaves campus to make way for “other plans” in Market Square

Travellers by campus fire shots at student

Trouble with travellers settled on Walmgate Stray

Unity Health East wait times to be less

Waiting times at the Heslington East Health Centre set to be less

York wins Roses wakeboarding

York win the first ever Roses wakeboarding competition

Pint of Science Festival to be held in York

University of York research to be revealed in pubs across York

New study into worst uni gender pay gaps

The University of York 5th worst Russell Group University for gender pay inequality

York researchers discover how Zanzibar was formed

The island’s 11,000 year history has been mapped

More than 1/3 of students have been offered drugs on campus

Students say Uni not doing enough on drug awareness

Vice Chancellor question time

Students were given the opportunity to open a dialogue with the Vice Chancellor

Drugs at the University of York: A student survey – fill it out here

Share your opinions with Nouse on student drug use

University’s highest salaries have risen disproportionately

Increases in staff wages between 2011 and 2015 have been disproportionate