James Gill

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Manhunter (1986)

Manhunter is a real rough diamond of a film, one which feels like the decade it was produced in, with a cheesy soundtrack and some not-so-famous actors; but it’s also a real masterpiece of suspense and psychological horror

Do the Right Thing

2009 has been a year of constant anniversaries and commemorations. However, one anniversary overlooked is the 20th anniversary of the release of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing

The need to avoid a new ‘Iron Curtain’

THE EU, once an economic haven of safe and principled private enterprise with workers rights, has come under renewed pressure in the recession

Malcolm X – Classic Review

Released in 1992, the film begins by juxtaposing one of Brother Malcolm’s fiery speeches against white racism

Raucous Refinery

In a sharp turn reflecting the turbulence of the 1970s, the UK has been engulfed in illegal strikes in the past weeks which could have brought the country to an energy standstill and deepened Britain’s recession, as well as shadowing doubt over whether the workers have been prepared for this new international era of work

The British Perspective – For Obama

Later today, enthused Democrats and Republicans cast their votes to elect the most powerful man in the Western world; with repercussions not just for the USA, but for Britain too

Wall Street

“Greed is good” – the motif which has guided the financial habits of the Western World for years, has finally come back to haunt us in the current credit crunch. Only fitting that it came from Oliver Stone’s 1987 picture, Wall Street, which clearly captured the ravenous capitalism pervading the Reagan years and beyond