James Ellis

Science Editor (2012–2014)

James has written 10 articles for Nouse

Evolution V Creation: The Big Debate

Can the Evolution vs Creation debate ever be resolved?

The serious stuff: Looking after your health

University life places a whole new barrage of pressures on your body. James Ellis explores the dangers, and where you can get help

The Nouse College Guide 2013

The collegiate system is a great part of York and one that has a big impact on your first year. Nouse brings you the lowdown on college spirit, sport, halls and the all important drinking facilities

Cock or Ball?

A study by the University of Florida has shown that only three per cent of male chickens (roosters) have a noticeable penis

Undersea mining soon to be licensed

The UN’s International Seabed Authority (ISA) recently carried out a study and has announced that companies could apply for undersea mining licenses as soon as 2016

Treating cancer with physics

In the last financial year, Cancer Research UK spent 332 million pounds in the hope of finding various cancer cures…

Bombers fight back to beat Centurions

Lancaster Bombers showed grit and determination to come back and beat York Centurions in the hotly anticipated Roses American Football match up

I’m an astronaut get me out of here

Even before the space race of the late 50s between USSR and the USA, people had shown great interest in exploring beyond our planets boarders

Cats blamed for ecosystem decline

Domestic cats may well be a perfect pet to some people; however, a recent study has discovered how destructive cats can be to ecosystems. Cats have already played a major role in the extinction of at least 33 different animals

White House vetoes Death Star plans

The US government has recently turned down a petition signed by over 34,000 people to construct what it describes as a “space-superiority platform and weapon system such as a Death Star”