James Dixon

Video Editor (2012/13)

James has written 8 articles for Nouse

Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant talks to James Dixon about American vs British comedy, working in TV, and the rock’n’roll life on the road days before his stand up show Hello Ladies reaches York’s Grand Opera House

Occult Following

Songwriter Daniel Johnston talks to James Dixon

Sharing the Hate

James Dixon talks to a woman who hates soldiers, fags and the Japanese; all with the security of God behind her

Passions of the poets

Leaders of the Beat movement Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg fuelled each others’ inspiration and a new liberal generation. James Dixon explores their relationship and how their legacy has changed how we howl and harmonize now

From Kingston to Croydon: A Brief History of Dub

James Dixon traces dub from its roots in Kingston with pioneer King Tubby through to the modern day where it has influenced everything from grime, punk, most modern dance and dubstep

Bits and Bleeps: An Interview with composer Christopher Tin

James Dixon talks to composer Christopher Tin after his recent Grammy award for “Baba Yetu” featured in popular strategy gaming franchise Civilisation

We need alternatives despite difficult situations

Addressing the crowd, Ed Miliband invoked “the suffragettes, who fought for votes for women and won, the civil rights movement in America that fought against racism and won, the anti-apartheid movement that fought the horror of that system and won.” As well as detracting from the focus of last week’s march, this misjudged piece of rhetoric drew attention to the protest’s distance from these aim-specific movements

Exams put a stop to creative progress

The British education system is suffering. In the most recent survey York fell from fourth in the world to 14th in Science, seventh to 17th in Literacy and eighth to 24th in Mathematics. Despite claiming to have learnt the lessons of other countries’ success, the government’s approach to education is still blinkered