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Chief Sub-Editor (2008/09)

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YUSU criticised over decision to remove charity from RAG beneficiary ballot

YUSU have come under criticism for their decision to remove the York Pregnancy Crisis Service, ‘Reflect’, from this year’s RAG beneficiary ballot

The plight of the Invisible Children

James Cousins explores the world of Uganda’s hidden child soliders and examines the growing toll of Africa’s longest running civil war

James Cousins

This week’s musical muse originates from a selection of unusual places – a skip, Star Trek and an obscure 1960s group called The Baja Marimba Band. Before you get worried, I’m not a Trekkie and I’m not about to discuss the intricacies of Klingon, but if you are patient, you will be rewarded with the presence of Captain Kirk himself, apparelled in his full musical glory

The Cure – 4:13 Dream

The portents for this album were never good. After the ditching of their atmospheric keyboardist and long-standing lead guitarist some people hoped that this was another in a grand history of reinvigorating Cure lineup shakeups; unfortunately, this has not proven to be the case

YUSU claims refund for Freshers’ Ball no-show

YUSU are currently persuing a refund from the agency representing intended Freshers’ Ball headliners Noah and the Whale

Entwistle tricked by US prison gang

University of York graduate and convicted double murderer Neil Entwistle has been tricked into shaving his head in an attempt to secure the protection of a white supremacist prison gang, according to reports in the Boston Herald

James Cousins

Summer has finally reached York. All the telltale signs are there – the lake is greener and if, you look carefully, I swear it has started to bubble

Elastic Axis – NCEM, York

On first impression The National Centre For Early Music seems a somewhat strange venue

Here not There

Heathers have resisted the temptation to unnecessarily flesh out their songs with bloated arrangements or studio trickery and have instead shown sufficient confidence to allow their songwriting to remain at the fore

James Cousins

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, ‘York’s Got Talent’. Heaven help us

James Cousins

Music journalists display a wonderful penchant for exaggeration – taking gross liberties with the truth and twisting the facts as we see fit, we crash through the boundaries of ‘acceptable journalistic practice’

The joys of downloading?

Downloading is easier, far closer to my bed than the nearest branch of a major music retailer and, to risk stating the obvious, significantly cheaper