James Cameron

Science Editor (2012/13)

James has written 11 articles for Nouse

Human genes not patentable

The US Supreme Court has ruled against the patenting of natural human genes

Oxford research improves maths skills through brain stimulation

This cognitive training and brain stimulation continued for five consecutive days, after which subsequent tests confirmed improvements in both the speed of calculation and recall based learning in the stimulated group

Hope on the horizon for HIV

Researchers at the University of Aarhus in Denmark are hopeful that they could have a marketable cure for HIV “within months”

GM comes to the table

In 1983, the first genetically modified (GM) plant was created; a tobacco plant with an antibiotic resistance gene

Evidence of water found on Mars

For the first time, direct evidence of a flowing stream has been discovered on Mars, NASA announced on Thursday

Snake venom pain relief may beat morphine

The venom of the black mamba is one of the most deadly and fast acting in the world, rarely more than thirty agonising minutes after being bitten are you alive

Alzheimer’s research moves forward

Recent research at Ohio State University in America has made progress in identifying a single enzyme which may help in treating Alzheimer’s

Top Three: Concentration Boosters

The top three concentration boosters for everyone with exams and revision

York’s Grand Tour

Professor Anthony Robards OBE, the creator of an upcoming interactive open-air exhibition consisting of stunning images of science and the local area, speaks to Matt Ravenhall and James Cameron

A ticket to Mars

How would you like the next ticket to Mars? Well, that’s the dream of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk

The many placebo effects of caffeine

Caffeine is the most widely accepted and used drug on the planet and it pervades student culture in many ways; from the hard working student on an all-nighter with coffee close to hand, to the countless Jägerbombs and vodka Red Bulls consumed on a standard night out