Jacob Phillips

Editor (2017/18)
Deputy Sport Editor (2016/17)

Jacob has written 57 articles for Nouse

A Note from the Editor

It is not an unheard of statement to say that time works differently in the realms of Nouse. The same can…

Israeli ambassador to UK in discreet visit to campus

On 18 October, the University witnessed a discreet visit from Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev, as part of…

Placing the spotlight on our night economy

Editor Jacob Phillips analyses the impact of the night economy revolution

31 October 2017

Nouse Print Edition Tuesday 31 October 2017

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should the UK abolish tuition fees

  YES- Jacob Phillips I remember distinctly the moment that tuition fees were raised to nine grand in 2012. Not…

Near-death fears for STYCs at Halifax

The first day of Halifax College Freshers’ Week escalated rather quickly after miscommunication between a staff member and senior college staff…

Some guys just can’t handle Bristol’s nightlife

York student nightlife is known for some hilariously weird and wonderful things. Tab articles constantly mock how the University is…

Behind the scenes at the 2017 IAAF World Championships

This summer, I had the privilege of volunteering at the world athletics championships in London, serving on the anti-doping team…

“We can shape the education we want”: NUS President Shakira Martin

NUS Presidnent Shakira Martin shares her vision for student activism, and a new drive to win over the critics

NUS President to announce new Student Poverty Commission

Shakira Martin launches project aimed at unearthing the economic issues facing students

Nouse Tries… Skydiving

“It’ll be your coming of age.” The words my stepmum uttered to me as it was revealed to me on…

York overwhelm Lancaster in tense contest

The white rose was able to maintain its longstanding record of home wins last weekend when York secured the Roses…