Jacob Phillips

Editor (2017/18)
Deputy Sport Editor (2016/17)

Jacob has written 57 articles for Nouse

A note from the Editor… 21 November 2017

As another edition of Nouse goes to print, its Editor has to come up with new ways to keep themselves…

Key Campus figures react to Trump recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Relevant campus figures respond to Donald Trump’s speech recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Crown Prince launches new era for Saudi Arabia

Last week witnessed dramatic change in the political climate of the Saudi Arabia. Journalists, politicians, and the constant rumblings of…

The gender pay gap in analysis

Currently the gender pay gap for full time workers is 14.1 per cent, meaning that for every £1 that a man earns, a women earns just 86 pence…

21 November 2017

Nouse Print Edition Tuesday 21 November 2017

Homeless couple break into Derwent

It has come to light that over the summer months a homeless couple have been breaking into University buildings in…

Bilsland Bar Crawl takes place in memory of passed student

On 14 November members and friends of the Langwith community gathered together to attend a charity bar crawl in memory of…

LIVE: University Challenge York Team Selection

Here we are live at the University Challenge York Team selection. Follow for live updates

Working Class and Social Mobility Officer referendum result announced

York votes ‘yes’ to the proposed Part Time Officer position 990 students vote 495 students vote ‘yes’; 472 students vote…

DROP Sessions hope to reinvigorate York party scene

Next Monday will mark the beginning of a new era in the alternative music scene at York. “DROP Sessions” will…

Live: Working Class Officer YUSU Debate

Join us as both sides set out their case for and against the proposed new role in YUSU

Working Class “No” Campaign resort to further underhanded tactics

‘No’ leadership planned to publish personal attack articles and posed as ‘Yes’ campaigners