Jacob Phillips

Editor (2017/18)
Deputy Sport Editor (2016/17)

Jacob has written 55 articles for Nouse

Piazza Building may be built over ceremonial ritual ground

THE UNIQUE ARCHAEOLOGY of Heslington East means that there is a strong possibility that a ceremonial burial ground used to…

13 February 2018

Nouse Print Edition Tuesday 13 February 2018

YUSU Elections Supplement 2018

Nouse Print Edition YUSU Elections Supplement 2018

NME is distributing away their dignity

Jacob Phillips reflects on the glory days of the publication he reveres

What’s On in York?

What events are coming up over the next few weeks? Here are a few things to look out for. LitSoc…

A note from the Editor… 23 January 2018

There are many things which are permanent in this world: rocks, student debt, energy, my housemate’s ‘love of disco’ (according…

40% of energy on campus is renewable

2 417 676 kWh of energy used at the University is generated from renewable solar and biomass sources Carbon management…

Stop selling students short

2017 saw the focus taken away from students – time to give it back

23 January 2018

Nouse Print Edition Tuesday 23 January 2018

The sound of 2018

Jacob Phillips examines BBC Music’s top five choices of the sound of 2018

A note from the Editor… 21 November 2017

As another edition of Nouse goes to print, its Editor has to come up with new ways to keep themselves…

Key Campus figures react to Trump recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Relevant campus figures respond to Donald Trump’s speech recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel