Jacob Phillips

Editor (2017/18)
Deputy Sport Editor (2016/17)

Jacob has written 55 articles for Nouse

NOUSE TRIES… Bungee Jumping

Jacob Phillips puts his life on the line for Nouse… again

12 June 2018

Nouse Print Edition Tuesday 12 June 2018

How much do Social Media bloggers actually make?

Since the creation of Instagram in 2010, professional blogging has become increasingly common. Now a whole generation of bloggers and…

10 May 2018

Nouse Print Edition Thursday 10 May 2018

“What have the Romans ever done for us?” Informed us about financial crises

The 2008 housing crisis could possibly be the biggest financial disaster of the 21st century. $260 bn was spent by…

Everything Everything to headline Summer Ball 2018

Nadia Rose and DJ Mistajam will also join Everything Everything at York Race Course this summer

Pop with a bit more Seoul

Jacob Phillips looks into why young people in the UK are trading in American pop for their Korean counterparts

NHS medication errors highlighted by York research

Research at the University of York has discovered that an estimated 237 million medication errors occur in the NHS per…

06 March 2018

Nouse Print Edition Tuesday 06 March 2018

Cobra Chief to open Piazza

On the 13 March Lord Bilimoria has been invited to open the University’s new Piazza building. However, this move has…

XC joy for York

SATURDAY 3 FEBRUARY witnessed 2018’s largest university running competition. Over two thousand athletes competed at Uxbridge on the outskirts of…

York BAME admissions lower than Oxbridge

THE UNIVERSITY OF York is less diverse than Oxbridge according to new figures  produced by UCAS. In 2017 the University…