Jacob Mukherjee

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BNP fail expectations but core support remains firm

Even without the gains expected, the British National Party is still on an upward trajectory, argues Jacob Mukherjee

Looking beyond the veil

With ideas of Muslim culture coming under attack from both liberal and right-wing commentators,
Jacob Mukherjee speaks to three Muslim women in York about what life is like in Britain today

Not a clash of cultures

Thinking the French headscarf ban is about culture misses the point

The rule, not the exception

Jacob Mukherjee The Kilroy affair tells us most about the British media’s attitudes on race

Time to Dump Multiculturalism

Former YUSU Racial Equality Officer Jacob Mukherjee argues that our obsession with race is dangerous and outdated

“We fought them with our chants, songs and passive resistance, slowly wearing them down.”

On the day of the largely symbolic demonstration in Geneva, four York students were involved in the attempt to directly…