Jack Harmsworth

Business Editor (2017)
Deputy Business Editor (2016/17)

Jack has written 18 articles for Nouse

The Secret Ingredient is… Privatisation

The United Kingdom is now the most unequal country in Europe. A fate that logically should have befallen a much…

The X-Factor effect: how ordinary graduate jobs became once in a lifetime opportunities

Business Editor Jack Harmsworth explains the complexities of modern graduate recruitment processes

Paradise Papers reveal extent of UK’s hidden wealth

Paradise Papers reveal more wealth than expected held in offshore accounts

Race Disparity Audit reveals extent of UK racial wealth divide

Following the Racial Disparity Audit’s publication, Jack Harmsworth takes a look at its key findings

Credit cards create another bubble

The Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee warned last week that the UK economy was at a significant risk from…

TfL calls time on Uber amid safety concerns

TFL announced last week that Uber will not be issued with a new private hire licence. The decision was taken…

Is your prospective career about to disappear?

Jack Harmsworth warns automation may be more widespread than previously thought…

Britain’s cracked mask reveals deeper turmoil

Jack Harmsworth doesn’t feel hopeful after the general election

Brexit: Uncertainty in business continues

One year on from the 52% majority that ensured Britain would leave the European Union and Brexit is continuing to…

Losing uni grants condemns students for life

Jack Harmsworth laments the inherent inequality in the repayment structure of attending university

Portugal: making the case against austerity

Jack Harmsworth highlights Portugal as an economy that’s picking up despite rejecting austerity as a policy platform

Valentine’s Day, or Valentine’s Nay?

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, Jack Harmsworth scrutinises the holiday and it’s commercial motivation