Jack Davies

Deputy Editor (2017)
Design Director (2017/18)
Deputy Muse Editor (2016/17)
Deputy Music Editor (2015/16)

Jack has written 55 articles for Nouse

London Fashion Week Supplement 2017

Cool Britannia

Jack Davies goes back to the 90’s to examine the legacy of a very British cultural revolution

What have the elections ever done for us?

Jack Davies questions whether the YUSU democratic process is worth all the fuss, let alone the egomania

Hues of Hockney

Jack Davies takes a look at the twists and turns of David Hockney’s glowing career

2016: A memorable year for British sport

Image: Wikimedia   1. Leicester City’s Premier League Heroics Far and away the most unbelievable moment from 2016 and indeed…

A note from the Deputy Muse Editor…

Deputy Muse Editor Jack Davies is optimistic for 2017…

Retro Review: Titanic

Jack Davies looks at the legacy of one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters

Taking Control

Jack Davies meets punk rock duo Slaves to talk taking control

Gigs of a Lifetime

Members of the new Muse team share their favourite gigs of all time

The Best Sequel in Scotland?

Jack Davies looks at why T2: Trainspotting 2 could prove to be one of the best sequels ever made

Knockin’ on Dylan’s Door

Jack Davies offers his thoughts on Bob Dylan’s failure to acknowledge his Nobel Prize

Gigs of a Lifetime

The Music Team share the best live performances from their gig-going histories