Jack Chadwick

Jack Chadwick has written 6 articles for Nouse

Austerity in education requires a socialist response

University bosses have been paying close attention to the news recently. From some probably quite comfortable settees, they’ve watched the…

An Interview with Peter Tatchell

At the invitation of the York Union and Derwent College, LGBT movement activist and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell visited…

NUS National Conference – Day 2

Day 2 saw more drama than the first. Jack Chadwick explains

NUS National Conference: In conversation with Toni Pearce and Aaron Kiely

Jack Chadwick talks to Toni Pearce and Aaron Kiely about female representation, passing amendments and the future of NUS demonstrations

Birmingham protests prove our rights are challenged

If you get the impression that students in general are being asked to pay more for less, you’d be completely right. What we see in Birmingham is just part of an unfortunately much bigger narrative

NHS Privatisation: Not a gradual change

‘Gradual’ is not the right word to describe the current pace of change within the NHS, as recent years have…