Jack Barton

Jack has written 9 articles for Nouse

India’s hidden war

Attacks by terrorist group the Naxalites never reach the news. Jack Barton investigates why

University to open library 24 hours

THE UNIVERSITY has announced that the JB Morrell library will become 24-hour after Easter next year

Campus bridge deteriorating

Potential dangers found in the structure of Vanbrugh Bridge have led the University to begin proceedings to have it replaced in its entirety

For a Purpose

For a day: Caste Howard, Bronte Parsonage, Alnwick Castle; For the food: Bunol, Berlin; The main event: Carnevale, Military Tattoo, Reykjavic

Capital Cities

Berlin, Belfast, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, London

Pakistan-West relations shaken

The death of Osama Bin Laden brings to a close possibly the biggest manhunt in history, a fifteen year search requiring the cooperation of half the world’s security forces, unknowable sums of money and countless lives in collateral damage

Student voting turnout only 37 per cent

Former University of York student and YUSU Council Chair, David Levene, has successfully garnered the student vote to win the ward of Heslington, containing the main campus of the University

Lords vote on coalition policy

On Wednesday, 2 February at 6:51pm, the campaign for a reformed voting system came one small step closer to fruition

Win for Labour

On Thursday 13 January, Labour retained the constituency of Oldham East and Saddleworth in a by-election that has been considered the first hurdle for the coalition government and Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband