Izzy Moore

Deputy Muse Editor
Deputy Film and TV Editor (2016/17)

Izzy has written 23 articles for Nouse

Bechdel Blues

Izzy Moore questions our reliance on the Bechdel test as a marker of feminist film

Top 5 Films to Watch this Valentine’s Day

Izzy Moore offers viewing suggestions for Valentine’s Day. Other holidays are also available

Review: T2 Trainspotting

Choose returning to Edinburgh. Choose being a tourist in your own youth. Choose watching history repeat itself

Academy Awkward

Izzy Moore questions our blind faith in the oscars, and whether we should care what the academy thinks

Nouse’s Top 10 Films of 2016

The Film + TV team take a look at their top picks for 2016

Review: Rogue One

A step forward rather than a regurgitation, Star Wars fans can rejoice with this serious and fresh take on the mythos

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should the United States abandon the Electoral College?

YES – Oscar Bentley Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over a million more votes than Donald Trump according…

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016: Day 3

Izzy Moore takes on the third day of the film festival, having a look at what University of York TFTV students have to offer

Review: American Honey

American Honey achieves a higher standard of film making than commonly seen. And no, Shia LaBeouf does not ruin the movie

Back to Black

The Film & TV team take a look at the new Netflix rendition of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror

“Killer clowns”: Are you not entertained?

As the craze of disturbing clown pranks continues, Izzy Moore asks if our own fixation with the morbid and the macabre is to blame