Izzy Moore

Muse Editor
Deputy Muse Editor (2017/18)
Deputy Film and TV Editor (2016/17)

Izzy has written 33 articles for Nouse

Nightlife in York

An introduction to all the best places to go out in the city

What the F is a Nouse?

An intro to Nouse, York’s award-winning student newspaper

Freshers Magazine 2018

Nouse Freshers Magazine 2018 print edition

Hollywood’s paper tiger: the Chinese box office

Business correspondent Izzy Moore examines the relationship between Hollywood and the Chinese box office

Natural Born Dieters

Izzy Moore explores the role of the internet and media in shaping our understanding of eating disorders

RAG bungee jump raises over £6000

Last Wednesday, 6 June, saw over 50 students gather on Hes East to perform a Bungee Jump to raise money…

The Love York Awards 2018: As it happened

Nouse covers the Love York awards: a celebration of the best that campus had to offer this year

Izzy Moore tries optimism for the first time

Get enough sleep. Drink water. Eat. It’s only for a few weeks. You are more than a collection of digits

Muse’s cinematic exam survival guide*

*Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee your survival and take no responsibility for your marks, or lack thereof

The Beauty of Bolivia and Organised Travel

Izzy Moore breaks down the “gap yah” stereotype in light of her travels in Bolivia

London Fashion Week Supplement 2018

Nouse London Fashion Week Supplement 2018

Muse Deputy Izzy Moore versus Valentine’s Day

Another column of ramblings has been summoned out of Izzy Moore’s cold, sleep deprived soul. This time it’s on Valentine’s Day and the daunting task of self-acceptance