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The value of college bars may diminish unless action is taken

For returning students this year, James College may look a tad different. Not only due to all the building taking place but the fact that the college bar, McQ’s, has vanished

New YUSU building delayed until January

THE YUSU student centre is facing long delays until completion leaving the Sabbatical Officers set up in temporary offices in the James Upper JCR until the Spring Term

Woodstock 2011 raises over £8,000 for RAG

The total amount that Woodstock raised for RAG this year has been announced as £8,263.14

Late night license events under threat

The financial viability of late night college events has been questioned by Commercial Services, but it has been met by strong denial from College JCRCs

Student examination methods need future reconsideration

If results are not considerably affected by open examination, perhaps there is little to be said about the use of closed exams

New ISA committee results announced

The results of this year’s International Student Association (ISA) elections have been announced with Lewis Yingwei Chen beating En Shi Teoh to become the new committee Vice-President

Full Summer Ball line-up unveiled

A second set of acts have been announced for the Summer Ball with Nero and The Subways completing the line-up for this year, after Dionne Bromfield and Darwin Deez were revealed last week

First Summer Ball acts announced

The first two acts for the Summer Ball this year have been announced as Dionne Bromfield and Darwin Deez

Student eviction should be the last option

Evicted is a strong word. It paints the picture of nightmare neighbours, impoverished families with crying children, and unreasonable landlords demanding rent. Think of it how you like, it’s not a pleasant image

Library fines are small compensation for free books

We’ve all been there, standing incredulously in front of the self-service machines, berating that one last cup of coffee, lost keys or update on Facebook that has resulted in the heinous crime of that key texts book being just one minute late. We can only watch as the machine gobbles up more of our money and curse our bad luck

Ben McGladdery – Manifesto

McGladdery wants to make sport an essential part of “the student experience” as well as reaching out to those who…

Sam Asfahani – Manifesto

Asfahani sets the tone of widening participation in Sport across the university, with ideas ranging from making it more affordable…