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Isaac Hewlings

Despite my natural aversion to other humans and social intercourse, I’ve recently been clubbing a few times, which has led me to making some observations from the field

Chuck D

Isaac Hewlings on the Public Enemy legend who’s shaking up the music industry

Isaac Hewlings

Drunken rites of passage I’m going to be frank with all you intrepid readers of this column, I’m taking the…

Bang Face

The term ‘rave’ is as contested a concept as any that exists within popular music. For some a rave should only ever mean a free party, preferably in a field or a warehouse, for others the term is just for a type of 90’s hard house, and for quite a few others rave just means neon paint and glowsticks

Isaac Hewlings

Instead of making you wait for it, I’m just going to mention Michael Jackson immediately. He’s dead. A talented musician and dancer, probably. Dead, certainly

Isaac Hewlings

It appears to me that there is no better an expression of youthful energy and joy in life than the humble house-party. Made iconic in a thousand music videos, (anyone remember the Jimmy Eat World ‘The Middle’ video?) and another thousand American High School series, surely this represents the high-water mark of socialising?

The MUSE festival guide

Whether you’re a festival virgin or hardened rave junkie, Estella Adeyeri, Isaac Hewlings and Laura Hulley help you find the right festival this summer

Ed Banger Records

For every genre that becomes mainstream, or influences the mainstream, there has to be an odder, less straightforward artistic force in the background

Isaac Hewlings

Not content with making this comment filled with the kind of geeky music trivia that stops people from talking to me at parties, this edition I’ve decided to create an even more unholy alliance of music and internet geekery

Isaac Hewlings

A phenomenon has occurred, which before it goes any further, compels me to add a few words of warning

Isaac Hewlings

Some things in life sometimes appear totally inexplicable – the printed sign in my local, which has the legend ‘Drugs’ crossed out, for example. I like to imagine a situation in which a couple of junkies walk in, spot the sign, turn around and then head off to a more welcoming hostelry, muttering something about bigoted locals

Isaac Hewlings

So here we are, venturing into the New Year bloated, hazy and not a little hung-over. The fattened calf was slaughtered, and yes, it was good