Imogen Breen

Deputy Science Editor (2016/17)

Imogen Breen has written 19 articles for Nouse

The fight to resist antibiotic resistance

WHEN SIR Alexander Fleming received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1945, for the discovery and isolation of penicillin (jointly,…

Acupuncture: what’s the point?

The University of York has now become the first university in the UK to appoint a ‘Professor of Acupuncture Research’,…

The Pill and depression: a correlation we cannot ignore

On September 28, a team of Danish scientists published the results of a six and a half year- long study…

The first immortal line

The story of an ordinary woman becoming immortal through the use of her cells

What kind of quackery is this?

With the recent Cabinet shuffle bringing some curious choices, Imogen Breen takes a look at why Jeremy Hunt is wrong on homeopathy

Censorship in Science

Earlier this week, it came to light that Dr George Murray Levick, a scientist working with Captain Scott’s Antarctic expedition, had his observations of the unusual sex lives of the Adelie penguins censored

Bioengineering: a brave new world?

It seems to be alarmingly socially acceptable to parade a lack of scientific or mathematical understanding, yet the same attitude towards literature and the arts is ridiculed