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Belgian unity under threat after election

The new Flemish alliance (N-VA), a Flemish nationalist party, has won the most seats in the Belgian parliamentary elections, increasing their haul from four at the last election to 2

Coalition could prove fractious for Tories

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY is under more pressure now than at any point since the late 90s

Election results night – live

The Nouse Politics team blog the 2010 General Election results live

Change we can believe in?

This is, and was always going to be, a ‘change’ election

New Labour: still something left to offer?

Much has been written about the demise of New Labour; newspapers have declared its downfall; books have been written dissecting ‘what went wrong’ with the New Labour project; Gordon Brown, the Labour leader, has been denounced and pronounced a deceptive dud

UK Independence Party

UKIP were formed in 1994. Since then, they have met with some success, earning 16% of the vote in each…

Nigeria in a state of turmoil and violence

Over 200 people have been killed in violence in the Nigerian city of Jos

Iran criticised for Human rights abuses

It has been reported by the Iranian Minorities Human Rights Organisation (IMHRO) that a mass grave has been discovered near the city of Ahwaz, in the Iranian province of Khuzestan

Israel’s human rights record under fire

Israel is attracting criticism for the controversial arrest of several human rights activists

Refreshing UNAIDS report a cause for optimism

Whenever we read about the HIV/AIDS epidemic we expect to see more bad news