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Deputy Political Editor (2012/13)

Hussein has written 38 articles for Nouse

The Disillusioned Humanitarian

Andrew Macleod tells Hussein Kesvani why people who want to make a difference don’t “do” politics and why Einstein would call the UN insane

Hassan Rouhani wins Iran Elections

The Centrist candidate Hassan Rouhani has won last Saturday’s elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran, after appealing to both…

An age of surveillance?

Hussein Kesvani and George Wood assess what the PRISM controversy means for ordinary citizens and the world

The West are best placed to intervene in Syria

There is still hope, but only if the West can deal with the ghosts of its past

The Student Notebook: The Dystopia of Summer

I’ll be blunt – I really hate summer. And while it’s very British to complain about all weather (though, we…

Don’t buy into UKIP’s Tea Party politics

Bankbench revolts are not a new feature yet Nigel Farage probably has very little power

We should not abuse the Woolwich tragedy

While wounds of this attack have been afflicted, we as a nation must choose whether to widen them, or allow them to heal

Our discussions on Child Grooming are dehumanising

Concentrating on race and culture also ignores the social context in which these crimes were conducted

Living Wage: The battle has just begun

At a time when university budgets are decreasing and the need for greater academic resources are of greater priority, this proposal might very well find itself being used by university officials as a means to justify ideologically driven expenditure decisions

Don’t overvalue contact time

The free time we have gives us time to carve our own paths into employment – a luxury that other students with more contact time often go without

Should we really be applauding Obama?

Hussein Kesvani asks if we can really applaud Obama’s sense of humour in light of his repeated failures to turn around his nation’s defence record

Mick Philpott and the Right Wing Culture War

Over the past two weeks, the government have drawn their electoral battleground in anticipation of next month’s local elections. Hussein Kesvani looks at whether attacking the benefits culture really is the answer