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‘You Can’t Control How Your iPod Shuffles’

The billing of You Can’t Control How Your iPod Shuffles as a multimedia piece was somewhat misleading. I entered the barn expecting some arty, techno-savvy ‘experimental’ student drama. Actually, it was a comedy sketch show

Austen, Dickens and Another Wet Shirt

As the nights draw in and a Dickensian fog descends over York, you know it’s costume drama time on the BBC. And if you’re watching a TV adaptation of a literary great, chances are you’re watching something penned by Andrew Davies

The Glass Menagerie, Drama Barn


Date: 09/02/07 – 11/02/07

Emma Miles’s production of Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie was ideally suited to the Barn’s intimacy; the play claustrophobically takes place in a house in which a mother and her two children are psychologically and financially trapped

The political poet: from Ireland to Iraq

Holly Williams talks to Pulitzer-winning poet Paul Muldoon about his new collection, Horse Latitudes

Think of Irish poetry and it’s likely that, after pausing on canon heavyweights like Heaney and Yeats, your thoughts will turn to Paul Muldoon, one of Ireland’s most successful living poets

Penpal to the rich and famous

Holly Williams chats to Duncan McNair about his inquisitive alter-ego, R.M. Morello

Have you ever wondered what Tony Blair’s favourite wild flower is, how John Prescott would feel about having a bull terrier named after him, or what to do when your pet goat gets diarrhoea at the sight of Dale Winton? Well, neither had I, but in the manner of all good novelty books, The Morello Letters gives you answers to questions you never knew you wanted to ask

York thesps swap University Drama Barn for fame at Edinburgh Fringe

This year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival was graced by ten productions from York University. An actor, a director and a groupie relive their festival stories

Tom King

Edinburgh, as anyone who has ever visted will tell you, is an endurance trial. If you were to watch every show at the Fringe back-to-back it would take you almost two and a half months of non-stop theatregoing and, as most of us only attend for a few days, the pace required to see all that you want to see is pretty back-breaking

Arts Reviews

Holly Williams offers you a guide to the theatre venues on and around campus, and our book reviewers look at a selection of student guides and recipe books

Nosh 4 Students, Joy May

Like many student cookbooks, Nosh 4 Students seems to think that without a stupid name and a cover that resembles a 70’s light-up dancefloor, your average student won’t be persuaded to cook. It’s a shame, because if you can get past the text-speak title, this book is actually quite helpful

A harvest of literary talent

For one weekend every year a sleepy village in Wales is transformed as the Hay-On-Wye literary festival descends, as Holly Williams discovered.

The Hay Festival might not seem to have much in common with your classic summer festival – there’s no danger here of anyone dressed as a fairy offering you drugs, the toilets are a civilized affair and the focus is on general books rather than raucous rock. But arriving on the Saturday morning, there is one thing already in common – mud. Well, this is Wales after all, and returning to my soggy homeland, I’d expect nothing less

York’s talented new playwrights

Holly Williams considers the opportunities available for new writers in the theatre scene In his recent appointment as artistic director…

Man and God and Blasted

Rosanna Trigg and Holly Williams take a look at Man and God and Blasted – two controversial productions for this term, one playing on and one off campus

No man, and certainly no student at York University, can claim to know the answers to the questions posed by modern cynicism. However a valiant attempt at some humorous philosophising is always welcomed by the Drama Barn audience, and Chris Bush’s newest offering certainly proves more satisfying than the traditional drunken debate. Indeed, an answer to the question of whether a God flawed enough to have created an imperfect world would be accepted by its naturally sceptical inhabitants is attempted with wit and originality

Arts Reviews

Holly Williams looks at what theatre is coming up in York this summer and our reviewers look back on some modern classics

This term’s line-up in the Drama Barn looks set to be one of the most varied and interesting yet, from new writing to musicals, to French poetry and physical theatre. The term high-kicks off to a dramatic start with a fund-raising cabaret during week 2, promising to bring together a mixture of comedy, drama and musical numbers for your entertainment and to raise money for student productions planning to go to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. Go on, show your support! Performances take place at 7.30pm, Friday to Sunday