Holly Dale

Deputy Fashion Editor (2012/13)

Holly has written 17 articles for Nouse

Buy now or regret later: vintage dresses

The best vintage dresses from York’s very own charity shops

LFW AW14: Tzuji

Holly Dale catches up with the fabulous Larry Tee of the Tzuji label

LFW AW14: Picks from the show space

Our favourite collections from the exhibition spaces of London Fashion Week

LFW AW14: Jewellery

Holly Dale goes to the Sarah Angold exhibition at London Fashion Week to find the latest jewellery trends

LFW AW14: John Rocha show report

The John Rocha show was brief but powerful. His collection comprised mostly of dresses, featuring models dressed in a single…

The Devil Wears Dog

Avoiding cashmere won’t just save you on your dry cleaning bill, our furry-friends will thank you too

The Shoot: Ethics in Action

Delicate hand-made jewellery, uniquely crafted designs and stand-out branding… Ethics is a budding brand in York and is set to take off

We all have the good, the bad and the ugly in us

100 year sentences for prisoners are impractical, ignore humanity’s capacity for good and the range of well researched therapies available to change behaviours

A Hypocrite’s Desperate Plea

Holly Dale takes a morality check over animal testing

An Ethic Tale

Nouse Fashion interviews the designer behind Ethics

DIY: Boys in it for Themselves

Our very own deputy fashion editor, Holly Dale, tells us why every little boy should dream of owning a sewing kit growing up

A Revolution Indeed

Nouse Fashion visits Revs to review the UOY fashion society’s first catwalk show of the year