Hoagy Davis-Digges Hoagy Davis-Digges

Managing Director (2011/12)

Hoagy has written 44 articles for Nouse

The Shoot: Behind the scenes

Get behind the scenes of this week’s Muse Fashion Shoot, with blacks, whites and lights to celebrate the arrival of…

On camera: Derwent Chair candidates

The candidates for Derwent College Chair answer Nouse’s questions on camera

On camera: Goodricke Chair candidates

The candidates for Goodricke College Chair answer Nouse’s questions on camera

On camera: Alcuin Chair candidates

The candidates for Alcuin College Chair answer Nouse’s questions on camera

The Glasshouse: In pictures

The new Glasshouse bar opened on Monday this week with the official welcome night on Tuesday. The newest addition to the bars on campus is located in Langwith College on Heslington East

Roses 2012: In pictures

All the best photos from Roses 2012 in Lancaster

Roses 2012: Videos

All the videos from Roses 2012

YUSU and University clash over policy enforcement

A rift has come between YUSU and University officials after the Union has decided to go against policy and is refusing to support the ban on putting up posters around campus

Feedback should be a right not a rare privilege

It has been something of a mixed year for York, winning University of the Year 2010/2011 whilst crashing down in almost every league table published. It is, it would seem, broadly owing to the University’s failure to perform in spheres outside of traditional academia that it finds itself struggling to maintain its place in the top 10

New Lounge bar divides college opinion

THE NEW James College bar, The Lounge, opened this week with some students voicing concerns over the ownership the college will claim for the bar now that it is YUSU run

Societies suffer from a drop in YUSU funding

A NUMBER of societies have faced difficulty this year after receiving far less money from YUSU than they had expected many of them blame a number of cuts in the YUSU budget, which is having a knock-on effect to societies

Departments miss feedback deadline

Several departments have failed to meet University deadlines for returning feedback. The Environment Department has taken nearly 13 weeks to provide students with feedback. The delay has left many students uncertain about how to revise and improve their work in the future