Hina Rana

Features Editor (2016/17)

Hina has written 8 articles for Nouse

Diagnosing The Doctors

Hina Rana speaks to junior doctors to gain insight into life in the medical profession

Q&A: Sarah Napoli

Former assistant head of Goodricke College, Sarah Napoli, discusses teaching social justice issues in the 21st century

Q&A: Alexander King

Actor, writer and musician Alexander King on motivation, talent, and constant creativity

Q&A: Convoy

Fashion designer Convoy works for Tokyo-based shop ‘Dog’, frequented by the likes of Skrillex and Lady Gaga

Smooth Talking

Jay Smooth talks to Hina Rana about hip-hop, the Women’s March and being detained

Healing The Cracks

Hina Rana explores the initiatives that aim to get young people out of gangs and into enterprise

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Hina Rana reviews the latest instalment in the wizarding franchise – is the magic still there or are the fans merely sustaining it?

Clowning Around

Hina Rana encounters Organ-Grinder Roddy, Barnageddon and free hugs