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Budget fashion: Oxfam takes on online shopping II

It’s not just online shops offering up the bargains. Charity shops cater for the more ethical shopper, as Heloise Wood discovers

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” Fitzgerald’s own tormented voice can be heard in this lyrical novel for which he is best known. It is incredibly evocative in its description of a wealthy playboy who comes back to reclaim his past love, at that point married to the brutish and unfaithful Tom Buchanan

Literary endeavours

Heloise Wood and Kirran Shah take a look at York’s aspiring student publications

Student life is synonymous, some say, with opinionated rambling. You should be studying for your degree, but exercising your hidden creativity and proving your intellectual prowess in print seems so much more attractive. At university you suddenly feel passionate about things that meant nothing to you before, you are questioning material instead of repetitive rote learning


Heloise Wood reports on the premiere of James Harvey’s dark, new play, Kalopsia

Kalopsia’s programme provided a definition of the title: “A state in which things appear more beautiful than they really are”. This formed the premise of James Harvey’s new play, questioning the truth of human relationaships. Issues of aethetics pervaded the play, the drama barn transformed into an artist’s studio with Jack Vettriano paintings and magnificent wire sculptures

Jennie Erdal, Ghosting: A Double Life

Jennie Erdal’s Ghosting is a literary feast which effectively deconstructs the writing process and sheds light on the enigma of ghost writing. Each character is immediately bought to life, particularly the key player Tiger, the pseudonym Erdal gives to the man she spent years working for, writing articles, even novels, under his name

Rich Shapero, ‘Wild Animals’

America has reacted angrily to Shapiro’s debut novel and its method of distribution (free copies at festivals and paying actors to ‘demonstrate’ against the book.) It has been heralded as the ‘Worst book ever written’ numerous times. Shapero’s protagonist, Sam, is a disenchanted Berkley graduate who follows a ‘wild, inner calling,’ in the Alaskan wilderness (his plight aided generously by LSD). Sam, known as ‘Ransom’, grows obsessed with the wisdom of a mountain ram (‘Ram,’ ‘Ransom,’ geddit?), subsequently isolating his girlfriend, Lindy

How safe are we on York campus?

The rape that occurred on Retreat Lane only a few days ago has heightened concern for student safety. The University of York is not exactly equated with having an extortionate crime rate; however surely adequate measures must still be taken to ensure the safety of students? Such incidents can occur at any time and in any place but this is all the more reason for maintaining a sound and secure infrastructure

Dispute over posters and publicity between colleges

INTER-COLLEGE relations between Halifax and Goodricke have taken a down turn, following a recent spat over event publicity.

A Halifax advert placed on the Student Union’s website and in Daily Info has provoked some criticism from Goodricke for it’s “negative publicity.”

York pubs set to shun new 24 hour licenses

ALL NIGHT PUB drinking is unlikely to become a reality in York, as no premises have expressed formal interest in 24 hour licensing.

A recent national survey did reveal that while none of the town’s pubs are tempted by the 24 hour licensing, many will apply to serve drinks until 1am, 2am and 3am